Social Media

What is social media? And why is it so important?

Social Media is a great way to interact with your target market. You can get involved and start a great conversation with your customers. Its an easy way to get yourself and your company out there online.


Twitter is a fast-paced to the point social media. It’s huge when it comes down to consumer and customer conversations. It is often used for complaints as people expect fast and immediate responses. Twitter is great for promoting your services, especially with specialist hash tags. Twitter cuts down on the long rambles with direct and straight to the point tweets.



Many Facebook users prefer to interact with a business through this social media platform then through a website. It’s a great way to advertise your brand as it gives the facebook community the ability to like and share posts with their friends.

You also have the chance to use facebook advertising which helps to promote your services and products to an even wider audience for a low cost.



Linked In is the perfect way to get involved with others in your industry, whether you are looking to attract new business or new opportunities. You can have a serious conversation that can help to expand your business. Linked In is a great way to share and glean up to date industry knowledge.



Google Plus ultimately grows your digital footprint, G+ posts are the first thing Google picks up on its way around the web, therefore giving your company more of a chance to appear higher in the all important Google search. The G+ community and hangouts can really help to promote your business, products and services.



It is said that an image speaks a thousand words, pinterests’ ability to pin and repin topical subjects means that it has taken the internet by storm. Pinterest suits some business more then others but having the ability to keep up to date with what your ideal audience are interested in is always a bonus. Even if pinterest is not suited for your business its great fun to look through and get new ideas for your personal life, and even hacks on how to become better organised.