Life on the road.

A little about me
~ Alexandra Joyce Tapley (call me Ali)

~ Currently 21

~ Slightly insane

~ Studied Photography for 1 year, and Online Media for 1 year

~ Spent a year living in Helsinki, Finland

~ Loves new places and cultures

~ Currently living in Sagres, Portugal

~ Has a massive thing for tigers and pandas

~ Drinks far too much coffee/ tea

~ Loves mens shirts

~ Refuses to wear high heels

~ Smokes maybe too much

~ Definatly drinks too much

~ Enjoys life

A little about what i do

Well not too much really!

I suppose you could call me a photographer, i love it, i studied it (well for one year anyway) i love taking the pictures, i love looking at other peoples pictures, i love being around other photographers.

I also enjoy writing, i ramble a lot. In march i am going to be taking an online course in creative writing called “Writing the Journey” which im pretty excited about!

I love to travel, exploring new places and new cultures, and becoming completely involved within a country.

I have no idea what i want to do when i grow up, i shall see what happens when it arises, i like to take life as it comes, i’m not a huge fan of making plans.